29.11.2022 / What's going on in the used premium car market

According to the NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency), 4.03 million used cars were sold over ten months of the current year. From June to October, sales of three-year premium* cars grew. For this reason, the share of premium cars in the sales structure of "three-year-old cars" also grew, so by the end of October, the share of "premium“ cars in this segment reached 18.7%. In the period from July to October, sales of premium one-year cars varied at the level of 2.1-2.3 thousand units per month, there was no steady growth during this period. Consequently, parallel import has not yet led to a significant sales increase in the segment of one-year premium cars, as well as in the new car market.

Source: NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

premium and luxury

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