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The former Mercedes plant near Moscow can launch the Hongqui production

The Avtodom company, which bought the Russian assets of Mercedes, plans to start assembling Chinese Hongqi at the plant in the Moscow region. According to internal sources, there are no other notable premium manufacturers in China that could enter the Russian market apart from Hongqi. It is planned that crossovers of this brand will be first to enter production of the plant. It is known that one model has already received the Vehicle Type...

Car market
Two new Omoda crossovers will enter the Russian market

Two new Omoda crossovers will appear in Russia. One of the novelties will be Omoda 3 junior crossover. This model is based on the old Chery A13 platform. The power plant is 1.5-liter air breather SQRE4G15C engine capacity of 116 HP. The maximum speed is 155 km/h. Curb weight varies from 1,240 to 1,287 kg depending on the version. The second novelty will be the flagship Omoda 7 crossover under the internal index TJ-1/T1EJ, which will...

Automotive Market in CIS
The new RANGE ROVER SPORT was presented in Kazakhstan

The official presentation of Range Rover Sport, one of the flagship models of Jaguar Land Rover concern, took place in Kazakhstan. The car is available on pre-order and in stock at Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in Almaty and Astana. The novelty is equipped with petrol and diesel engines, and is also available in hybrid version. More detailed information about the versions and the cost of the model is currently available in dealerships. NAPI...

Russian trucks lost 22% of the market

According to the marketing agency NAPI, over the first two months of the current year, the new truck market grew by 8.7% on the similar period of the last year. In January-February 2023, 15.7 thousand new trucks were sold, while over two months of the last year – 14.4 thousand units. Chinese brands accounted for more than half of the new truck market this year. The share of Russian trucks decreased by 22% over the year. The used truck market composition changed slightly.

Russian car production decreased by 12.3%

According to the marketing agency NAPI, in January 2023, the production of Russian cars (including the MOSKVICH and EVOLUTE brands) decreased by only 12.3%.

The production of foreign cars collapsed by 94.1%. In general, in January 2023, the car production fell by 73.8%. The truck production decreased by 20.6%, the light commercial vehicle production — by 31.6%, and only the bus production increased by 12.1%.

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