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2024, monthly

Archive data:
2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

The market agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) is quarterly preparing the survey «LEGAL FACTORS OF CAR, TRAILER, SPECIAL PURPOSE AND AGRICULTURAL VEHICLE MARKETS».

The survey presents essential current and planned measures of regulation and support of the car and special purpose vehicle market and their manufacturers.

Types of vehicle examined by legal factors:

  • cars
  • electric cars
  • electric buses
  • LCV
  • trucks
  • trailers and semitrailers
  • buses
  • special purpose vehicles
  • agricultural vehicles

A detailed analysis of legal factors and information about planned changes are necessary for strategic planning, high-quality forecasts building and market processes understanding.

Survey structure:

  1. recycling tax
  2. sales and manufacturing support programs:
    2.1. sales support programs
    2.2. manufacturing support programs
    2.2.1. industrial subsidies inside the «Development of industry and increasing its competitiveness» program («Automotive industry» subprogram)
    2.2.2. special investment contracts (SPIC)
  3. localization
  4. state procurement ban for foreign vehicles
  5. restriction measures for vehicles by emission classes
  6. changes in the rules of foreign used vehicles import
  7. children transportation
  8. exporters support
  9. technical inspection regulation
  10. «Platon» road system
  11. CNG vehicle market development
  12. development programs for electric vehicles and electric hybrids
  13. procurement programs of electric buses and electric vehicles in different regions
  14. leasing
  15. subsidizing of wheeled and tracked special purpose vehicles manufacturing.

The report is being quarterly updated and provided in PDF format.


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Car market
Launch of sales of the new LADA Largus

On June 20, 2024, sales of LADA Largus began in the authorized dealerships of the brand. Cars are available for purchase in the entire LADA dealer network. The assembly of production cars began on May 15, and now, after accumulating the necessary amount, as well as after carrying out quality control procedures, the cars are ready for sale. LADA Largus will be presented in 4 LADA versions: three 5-seat station wagons and one commercial...

Car market
Hyundai i30 returned to the Russian market

Hyundai i30 Wagon has returned to the Russian market. The restyled model of the second generation has been already available from dealers and private sellers. The cost of Hyundai i30 Wagon starts from 2.95 million rubles, reports. So, in Yekaterinburg, Hyundai i30 Wagon of 2024 year of manufacture in the version Comfort can be purchased for 2.95 million rubles. This version is equipped with anti-lock system, electronic stability...

Car market
Preparation for serial production of LADA Niva Sport started at AvtoVAZ

AvtoVAZ is preparing for mass production of LADA Niva Sport SUV, which is scheduled to start before the end of the current year. The fact of preparation for it was confirmed on Thursday, June 20, 2024, by the press service of the concern, Avtonovosti Dnya reports. LADA Niva Sport is a sports version of the classic three-door LADA Niva Legend. The SUV, converted "for sports one", received redesigned exterior and interior, the more powerful...

85% of dealers sell Chinese trucks

The marketing agency NAPI updated the report on truck dealerships and service centers based on results of Q II 2024. Compared to Q II 2023, the number of authorized sales points increased by 989 units due to the mass launch of Chinese manufacturers. The leaders by growth in the number of sales points were SITRAK (+331 units), HOWO (+321 units), and DONG FENG (+ 163 units). The total number of Chinese truck sales points in Q II 2024 reached 1,468 units or 85% of all authorized sales points.

Vehicle production in January-April 2024

According to the NAPI, in January-April 2024, car production increased by 67.4% on the similar period of the last year. Over 4 months of the current year, 224.8 thousand cars were produced. LCV production increased by 38.9% and reached 43.0 thousand units. The truck production increased by 10.6% and reached 22.9 thousand units, the market grew by only 5.2%. Bus production was up by 33.4% and reached 6.4 thousand units.


Modern market economy puts strict conditions for each company. In severe competitive conditions those companies are winning, which are able to see through products and services market conjuncture, forecast development tendencies, provide risks and offer optimal variants. Demand evaluation and release of efficient mechanisms of its satisfaction are mentioned as main assignments of companies` marketing services. Russian automotive market is one of the most profitable and at the same time complicated competitive environments. Automotive market participants` demands is rapidly changing, for this reason market analysis is fundamentally important for dealers and manufacturers to react immediately on any changes or events. To create an efficient development strategy, manufacturers and dealers have to release automotive market forecast based on complex automotive market statistic research based on following parameters: vehicle type; brand; model; modification level.


In our materials are following parameters estimated: regional economic development; local dealer centers development; company model range correspondence to local climate conditions; vehicle prices by region; vehicle ownership expenses by region; competitive environment and other data.
Our information helps in planning strategic priorities of companies, executive centers, seasonal product offers.
Our company provides possibility to order a market analysis of any vehicle category.
The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) / Russian Automotive Market Research has carried out unique analytic methods.