Car market
The former Hyundai plant in Saint Petersburg reports financial losses by the end of 2023

Following results of 2023, the revenue of Automotive Plant AGR LLC (former Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus) in Saint Petersburg decreased by 95% on the previous year and amounted to 2.7 billion rubles (in 2022 it amounted to 50.3 billion rubles). At the same time, the company's net loss amounted to 16.6 billion rubles against 18.8 billion rubles at the end of last year. These data are indicated in the financial statements of the enterprise...

Car market
Chery summed up the results of 2023 in Russia

Chery sells cars of Chery, Exeed, Omoda and Jaecoo brands in the Russian market. In its financial statements, the company reports that it sold a total of more than 220 thousand cars last year. In 2023, the revenue of the Russian division of the Chinese automobile company Chery (JSC Chery Automobiles Rus) amounted to 556 billion rubles, which is 3.8 times more than in 2022. The company's net profit increased by 16.5% and reached 34.7 billion...

Autocomponents market
The former Continental tire plant in Kaluga has rebranded

The former Continental tire plant in Kaluga has rebranded and now it produces tires under the Gislaved brand. The Kaluga enterprise joined the tire cluster that has been established on the basis of JSC Cordiant and united tire plants in Yaroslavl, Omsk, Kaluga region (former Continental AG) and Ulyanovsk (former Bridgestone). In 2024, the renovated Gislaved plant is expected to produce 2.1 million tires for cars, which will be a 12% rise on...

Trailer population numbers 1.2 million units

According to the marketing agency NAPI, as of January 1, 2024, the trailer/semi-trailer population totals 1.2 million units. Dropside trailers/semi-trailers accounted for almost a third of the entire population. The second and third places in the population were taken by dump and curtainsided trailers/semi-trailers, with a share of 15.6% and 12.3%, respectively.

Car production increased by 88.5%

According to the marketing agency NAPI, in January-February 2024 the growth rate of production of all vehicle types outpaced that of sales. Over two months of the current year, 138.2 thousand cars and commercial vehicles were produced, which was a 78% rise on the previous year. Cars accounted for three quarters of all vehicles produced this year.


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