Spare parts, oils and technical liquids` price monitoring for technical inspection

2023, monthly

Archive data:
2022, 2021

The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) is regularly monitoring spare parts, oils and technical liquids` prices for technical inspection:

  • trucks
  • LCV
  • cars

The company is monitoring prices for genuine and non-genuine spare parts for commercial vehicles according to manufacturer`s schedule for each version: 

  • air filters
  • fuel filters
  • engine oil
  • transmission oil
  • gearbox oil
  • belts
  • belt rolls
  • break pads
  • break drums
  • break disks
  • hosepipes
  • batteries.

The results are provided in Excel format according to following structure:

  • vehicle brand
  • vehicle model
  • vehicle modification
  • spare part name
  • genuine part stock number
  • genuine part prices
  • non-genuine part stock number
  • non-genuine part prices
  • spare part replacement standard in authorized dealership etc.

«Spare parts, oils and liquids` price monitoring» allows to:

  • compare prices for genuine and non-genuine spare parts
  • monitor prices for non-genuine spare parts
  • analyze the competitors` price policy
  • use the data in vehicle ownership value calculation
  • use the data in spare parts market volume estimation

This data can be useful for:

  • OEM
  • dealers
  • leasing companies
  • insurance companies
  • autocomponents and spare parts manufacturers
  • wholesale companies selling spare parts.

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