Depreciation of special purpose vehicles aged 7 years and under

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) offers the «Analysis of depreciation and residual value of TOP-120 models of special purpose vehicles aged 7 years and under of the current model line-up» report.

The report is based on the results of monthly monitoring of prices for new and used special purpose vehicles. The report shows the level of depreciation of special purpose vehicles, which are in the greatest demand in the new vehicle market.

Depreciation and residual value are calculated for special purpose vehicles operated for 3 years, 5 years, 7 years.

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Car sales in Russia

The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) presents «The Russian car market» database.

The database provides detailed information on the Russian car sales broken down by brand, model, region, body type etc.

The database is updated monthly.


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Car market
Great Wall initiated the Tank 500 certification process in Russia

The Chinese Great Wall has started the certification process for Tank 500 frame SUV in Russia. The car will be sold under a separate brand Tank. It is expected that the novelty will compete with Toyota Land Cruiser 300. The car dimensions, however, are smaller than those of the "competitor" — 4,878 mm against 4,965 mm. Nevertheless, the wheelbase of the Japanese and Chinese SUVs is identical (2,850 mm). The Tank 500 road clearance is 224 mm...

Autocomponents market
The Russian Yokohama plant has resumed the tire production

The plant of the Japanese Yokohama in Russia has resumed the automobile tire production. Previously, the company was idle caused by logistical difficulties and a shortage of raw materials, but after receiving a batch of rubber, the Yokohama plant resumed mass production of tires. NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

Automotive Market in CIS
Astana-Motors and Changan signed a distribution agreement

Silkway Auto Kazakhstan, a part of Astana Motors, has received the right to officially represent the Changan automobile brand (PRC) in Kazakhstan. Silkway Auto Kazakhstan and Changan International Corporation signed a distribution agreement. Cars for the Changan dealer network will begin to arrive directly from plant in China in September 2022, when the Changan dealership, designed according to the new brand standards, will open in the new...

Топ-10 регионов по темпам роста продаж новых автобусов

According to the NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency), in July 2022, new bus sales increased by 1.7% on June, but not in all regions.

So, the demand for buses in the Udmurt Republic and the Ulyanovsk region fell by more than 90% in July. Moscow did not get into the TOP-10 of «anti-leaders», but in July bus sales in the capital decreased by 29% on June.

A total of 1,000 buses were sold in July 2022.



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TOP-10 regions by growth rates bus sales
New and used corporateLCV sales, thousand units
Leaders by residual value preservation among tractor units

The Marketing Agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) updated the «Truck residual value forecast» report for Q II 2022.

According to the NAPI forecast, DAF XF will become the leader by residual value preservation after 3 years of operation among BIG-7 tractor units presented on the chart: it will retain 90.5% of its original value.

However, after 5 years of operation, DAF XF will cede its leadership to SCANIA P, which will retain 82.9% of its original value.


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Truck residual value forecast, %
Car residual value forecast, %
Leaders by residual value preservation among LCV

The Marketing Agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) updated the «LCV residual value forecast“ report for Q II of 2022.

According to the NAPI forecast, FORD TRANSIT will become the leader by residual value preservation after 3 and 5 years of operation among LCV reefers presented on the chart: it which will retain 87.4% and 71.5% of its original cost, respectively.


Vehicle production. Results of June 2022

According to NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency), 282.0 thousand cars (-61.1% on the similar period of 2021), 42.8 thousand light commercial vehicles (-32.6%), 30.6 thousand trucks (-14.2%) and 5.7 thousand buses (-5.8%) were produced over six months of 2022. Nevertheless, production results in June were better than in May.

Bus production recovered in June, the result of June (1.3 thousand units) is the best over all six months of 2022 …

Exhibitions and conferences
MIMS Automobility Moscow
22-25 August 2022 year
National Industrial Information Agency (NAPI)

Modern market economy puts strict conditions for each company. In severe competitive conditions those companies are winning, which are able to see through products and services market conjuncture, forecast development tendencies, provide risks and offer optimal variants. Demand evaluation and release of efficient mechanisms of its satisfaction are mentioned as main assignments of companies` marketing services. Russian automotive market is one of the most profitable and at the same time complicated competitive environments. Automotive market participants` demands is rapidly changing, for this reason market analysis is fundamentally important for dealers and manufacturers to react immediately on any changes or events. To create an efficient development strategy, manufacturers and dealers have to release automotive market forecast based on complex automotive market statistic research based on following parameters: vehicle type; brand; model; modification level.


In our materials are following parameters estimated: regional economic development; local dealer centers development; company model range correspondence to local climate conditions; vehicle prices by region; vehicle ownership expenses by region; competitive environment and other data.
Our information helps in planning strategic priorities of companies, executive centers, seasonal product offers.
Our company provides possibility to order a market analysis of any vehicle category.
The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) has carried out unique analytic methods.