Car market
The cost of Ambertruck Work pickup has decreased in Russia

Ambertruck Work pickup, a rebranded Chinese JMC Vigus, which is produced by Kaliningrad Avtotor, has depreciated in Russia. As Kommersant reports, from June 10 to the end of July, the price for pickups manufactured in 2023 is 2.6 million rubles, which is 400 thousand rubles cheaper than the original one. It is known that the model is equipped with 2.5-liter diesel engine, all-wheel drive and a rear differential lock. The volume of the cargo...

Car market
Avtotor has adjusted its production plan for 2024

Avtotor, one of the leading Russian automakers, intends to produce about 70 thousand cars by the end of 2024, Za Rulem reports, citing Anton Alikhanov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Recall that cars of the following brands are currently manufactured at the company's production facilities: Kaiyi, BAIC, SWM, Forthing, and Jetour. In addition, the production of an electric car under own brand Amberauto has been set...

Commercial vehicle market
The K5 cabin assembly shop will be orKAMAZganized at 

The advanced cabin assembly site of the cabin assembly shop of the KAMAZ Automobile Plant has been renamed the K5 cabin assembly shop. In the next two years, it will become a new highly efficient production facility. The first stage of the new assembly line, designed to produce 35 thousand cabins per year, is planned to be ready for launch at the end of 2024. It will be located in parallel with the existing production on the territory where...

Summer premium tires appreciated by 26.6% over the year

According to the NAPI, the used electric car market structure changed in 2024. Electric cars aged up to three years inclusive were in significantly greater demand; their share increased by 20.4%. «Fresh» used electric cars occupied 43.3% of the market in January-April 2023. Sales of electric cars of other age groups fell compared with four months last year.

Vehicle production in January-April 2024

According to the NAPI, in January-April 2024, car production increased by 67.4% on the similar period of the last year. Over 4 months of the current year, 224.8 thousand cars were produced. LCV production increased by 38.9% and reached 43.0 thousand units. The truck production increased by 10.6% and reached 22.9 thousand units, the market grew by only 5.2%. Bus production was up by 33.4% and reached 6.4 thousand units.


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