Comparison of the total cost of car ownership

A ready-made comparison of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the 25 most in-demand cars.

The marketing agency NAPI/Russian Automotive Market Research presents «The Total Cost of Ownership of TOP-25 cars» study.

The following conditions were taken into account when analyzing the total cost of car ownership:

Region Moscow
Period (number of months) 5 years (60 months)
Average annual mileage, km 20 000 km
Total mileage, km 100 000 km
Funding source Own funds

The costs considered:

√ New car cost
√ Cost of spare parts for maintenance (by item)
√ Cost of spare parts for repair (by item)
√ Cost of maintenance services
√ Cost of repair services
√ Tire cost
√ Tire fitting cost
√ Fuel cost
√ Hull insurance cost
√ MTPL cost
√ Transport tax
√ State duty
√ Depreciation

Reporting in Excel format:

  • Detailed total cost of ownership analysis for each car
  • Comparison of the total cost of each car ownership in January 2022 and July 2022
  • Comparative table of the total cost of each car ownership in July 2022

A total of 51 tables are available.

The list of cars under consideration:

• Haval Jolion                         • Lada Granta                        • Renault Arkana

• Hyundai Creta                     • Lada Largus VP                  • Renault Duster

• Hyundai Solaris                   • Lada Niva                            • Renault Kaptur

• Kia Rio Chery                      • Lada Vesta                          • Renault Logan

• Kia Seltos                            • Lada XRAY                          • Renault Sandero

• Kia Sportage                       • Nissan Qashqai                   • Toyota Camry

• Skoda Rapid PA II               • Nissan X-Trail                      • Toyota RAV 4

•  Tiggo 7 PRO                      • Mazda CX-5                         • VW Polo

• Mitsubishi Outlander

Price: 30 000 Rub, VAT exempt.