24.03.2020 / New car sales and market revenue, TOP-15 brands, January-February 2020

In January-February 2020 new cars on 367.6 billion rubles were sold in the Russian market, which was a 21.0% rise on the same period of 2019. The weighted average price for new cars for this period increased by 7.8% and amounted to 1 710 390 rubles.

Following results of the first two months of 2020, the best financial result belonged to KIA. Russians spent 39.5 billion rubles on the purchase of cars of this brand. The second place by the financial result was occupied by TOYOTA, dealers of which sold new cars on 36.4 billion rubles. The premium MERCEDES-BENZ also entered the top three with a result of 32.4 billion rubles.

In January-February 2020 the Japanese MITSUBISHI showed negative market revenue dynamics caused by the decrease in brand sales by 6.6% ...

Source: «Russians bought cars on 807 billion rubles over two months of 2020» press-pelease by RAMR