22.12.2022 / In October the amount of cars produced exceeded that in November

According to the NAPI data, 419.1 thousand cars (-65.6% on the same period of the last year), 54.5 thousand trucks (-17.7%), 75.1 thousand light commercial vehicles (- 38.3%) and 10.8 thousand buses (- 17.3%) were produced over 11 months of the current year. In the period from June to October, the car production grew month-by-month, but in November, 26.8 thousand cars were produced against 36.4 thousand units produced in October. Also in November, the production of light commercial vehicles decreased on October of the current year (6.2 thousand units against 6.6 thousand units). The production of buses and trucks in November exceeded that in October.

Source: NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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