Mtek-Logistik acquired 83 Tonar semi-trailers

Russian Automotive Market Research

Mtek-Logistik made the choice in favor of Tonar vehicles. 83 semi-trailers were purchased. The shipment was non-standard, as different semi-trailers were selected- three types of T3-13K, T3-16K, T4-16VK curtainsided semi-trailers and R3-13 refrigerator semi-trailers.

Tonar T3-13K, T3-16K and T4-16VK curtainsided semi-trailers are designed to meet the specifics of your transportation, have a sliding roof and sidewalls for the most convenient and fast loading and unloading. The body structure features the increased strength and resistance to various environmental influences, since sides are made of aluminum. Special attention should be paid to the awning fabric, which has a density of 900 grams per 1 sq. m. The floor is covered with dense, wear-resistant, laminated plywood. The leader of the plant by shipments T4-16VK has extended axis to allow to evenly distribute the axial load, providing you with safe movement without violating the established weight standards.

Tonar R3-13 refrigerated semitrailer has a total heat transfer coefficient of 0.38 W / m2 °C, which makes it possible to deliver food products of any composition in it. This semi-trailer has a European certificate of compliance with the norms of transportation of perishable goods.

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