KAMAZ presented the K5 long-haul tractor unit at the BRICS Countries Forum

KAMAZ-54901 vehicle was presented at an exhibition dedicated to the International Municipal Forum of the BRICS countries, which took place at the end of last week in Saint Petersburg.

KAMAZ-54901 is a representative of new generation KAMAZ trucks. The flagship of KAMAZ sets new standards of efficiency, comfort and reliability. The vehicle is designed for intercity and international transportation as part of a road train with different semi-trailers (from the usual curtainsided semi-trailers and reefers to specific trawls and grain carriers).

The long-haul tractor unit of the K5 generation is equipped with KAMAZ-910.15-450 engine capacity of 450 HP and a torque of 2,300 Nm. The use of modern high–tech design solutions made it possible to increase the service interval to 120 thousand km, and the engine life to 1.5 million km, while reducing fuel consumption by 10% compared to the previous generation vehicle.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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