KAMAZ installs the foundry furnace

Russian Automotive Market Research

At the end of December, Otto Junker aging induction furnace was delivered to the foundry. This is the first of three installations purchased as part of the «Reengineering of Foundry Production» investment project. Two more furnaces will be delivered to the plant during 2021.

The equipment is designed for aging cast iron and its alloys. The furnace capacity is 50 tons, which corresponds to the capacity of Swindell Dressler arc furnaces available in the production of cast iron casting, which will eventually be decommissioned. The new furnace has all the advantages of induction plants, including economy, high productivity, safety in operation, reduced noise and the amount of substances and odors released into the air.

During the New Year and corporate holidays, the foundry workers carried out preparatory work, while on January 18 installation of the new equipment with participation of specialists from contracting organizations began. It is planned to complete the installation work at the end of March.

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