A batch of BCM-24.5 was shipped to the south of Russia

"Becema" JSC continues to expand the market of its products and fully fulfills its obligations to permanent partners. Recently, the company has completed the shipment of the next batch of BCM-24.5 pit repair complex for a customer from the southern region of the Russian Federation.

This equipment is in demand in areas with the most severe climatic and weather conditions, as it allows restoring asphalt pavement without prior preparation.

Key advantages of BCM-24.5 are as follows:

-Thanks to the pneumatic spray method used, the restoration of potholes is carried out in a short time.

-The ability to carry out repair without restricting the movement of vehicles, which allows performing work at any time of the day.

-The applied technology ensures the prompt elimination of minor damage to the road surface, which helps to save money on expensive overhaul.

-The presence of a 4-cylinder MMZ diesel engine, which increases the feed capacity of bulk materials (bitumen, crushed stone, gravel of any fraction).

-The complex is equipped with a feed system through the tailboard, so it is suitable for dumpers of different models.

-Easy-to-maintain sprayer that does not require the purchase of replaceable seals and gaskets.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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