Yandex media systems will be installed in the updated LADA Largus

Russian Automotive Market Research

AvtoVAZ patented the front panel of the Lada Enjoy Pro complex for the updated Lada Largus family.

Cars of the Lada Largus family will be available with the Lada Enjoy Pro information and entertainment complex of the new generation. The main feature of Lada Enjoy Pro is the integrated Yandex.Auto platform with support of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The driver will be able to synchronize the system with his Yandex account to build routes on the phone and transfer them to the main car screen.

The main technical change of the car itself became the new 1.6-liter 8-valve engine in the engine range, developing 90 HP and 143 N*m of torque, which replaced the previous 87-HP unit. Moreover, the updated Lada Largus is offered in the version equipped with 16-valve 1.6-liter unit capacity of 106 HP. Prices for cars start from 744 900 rubles.

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