TMZ summarizes the results of the import substitution program for 2022

A number of development activities were implemented at the Tutaev Motor Plant, a subsidiary of KAMAZ in the Yaroslavl region, in 2022. Taking into account modern realities, import substitution has become one of the key areas of work.

The increase in the number of sanctions against Russia, the almost complete refusal of European manufacturers from the supply of components, materials, and equipment required significant efforts by many of the plant's import substitution services and the search for alternative suppliers. The Chief Designer Department designers, together with specialists from the logistics department, coped with the problems that arose, preventing the shutdown of their production and the production of partner enterprises.

Problems with the supply of electrically controlled fans and pneumatic compressors were successfully solved. Work continues to search for alternative suppliers of other components: V-belts, bushings, cylinder head valve seats, fasteners, rubber products and others.

In 2022, due to the need for import substitution, the volume of deliveries of 8481 series engines to the Saint Petersburg Tractor Plant (JSC "PTZ") significantly increased. At the same time, the requirements of the main consumers for the quality and modernization of engines are growing. To increase reliability and reduce engine heat stress, the Kirovets tractor cooling system has been upgraded. In addition, JSC "PTZ" is constantly working on the modernization of tractors to increase their energy saturation. A more powerful generator was required to provide these works. A trial batch of generators has been received and is awaiting final approval with the Saint Petersburg Tractor Plant for installation on engines with subsequent verification in real-world operation as part of tractors.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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