The KAMAZ forge plant has launched the production of new containers

The production of recycled containers has been mastered at the KAMAZ forge plant.

The reusable container is traditionally supplied to the forge plant by the enterprise "KAMAZenergoremont". About 10 types are produced here, half of them are used for in-house turnover. Forging containers are in the greatest demand, they are involved in all stages of the process chain: from cutting work pieces to thermal finishing operations.

So far, the trial batch of containers consisting of four units has been assembled at the forge plant. It was made strictly according to the approved technical documentation: sheet metal blanks were cut in the metal cutting shop (MCS), then they were transported to ERMS-5, where they were bent; simultaneously, the eyelets (parts equipped with a hole) were stamped in the forging and pressing shop No. 1, the final assembly of the container was carried out at the MCS section.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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