The first tractor electric engine is presented in Russia

A domestic electric engine with traction characteristics suitable for tractor and warehouse vehicles has been developed in Russia. The electric engine is developed by the engineering company "A Priori Machine Solutions" (AMS, resident of Skolkovo), which is known primarily for the first Russian electric tractor presented in 2022. The new electric engine will be used not only in industrial and agricultural tractors, but also in electric loaders and other warehouse vehicles, as well as in small utility vehicles, electric quadrocycles, and industrial electric carts.

After successful testing of the prototype, six electric engines of this type have been put into production, which, after operational tests as part of the vehicles, will be mass-produced in Kaluga at the AMS facilities. The new electric engines were originally designed with 95% localization, but an engine with 100% localization will also be available in the line-up. Running trials of the electric drive using a new development are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. The 6.5 kW valve-inductor electric engine is the first of a line-up of electric engines with a capacity from 3.9 to 15 kW, which developers are currently working on.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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