DV-GIS, V.2.1

DV-GIS, v.2.1 is a special software for market analysis and strategic decision-making on the company development.

DV-GIS helps to actualize geoanalitic opportunities in marketing (geographical sales analysis).

Program opportunities:

  • Access to data from any point of the world at any time moment (24/7)
  • A broad tool range for spatial analysis
  • Complete surveys forms and special modules adapted for any customer
  • Program language: Russian

DV-GIS allows to:

  • analyze the spatial data and instantly observe the complete market situation using specified parameters that permits to make fast efficient decisions
  • estimate the automotive business activity and the development of its subsidiaries on any level of the country`s administrative division
  • find optimal locations for new business units and control existing units` activities
  • estimate the competitive environment and business units` overlapping inside the same network
  • forecast the market capacity and launch of new sales, service or other activity points
  • analyze the demand inside the country by customer type, vehicle import/export, period of vehicle ownership.

For leasing contracts and corporate fleet monitoring, we created a unique service allowing to analyze the territories by customer-adapted parameters.

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