DV-ANALYSIS V.6.2. is a software for automotive market analysis.

DV-ANALYSIS V.6.2.is the first Russian program for statistical data analysis released by NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency).

Program opportunities:

  • Access to data from any point of the world at any time moment (24/7)
  • Adapted for any data provided by any customer
  • Possibility to save the results of analysis and to update them monthly in the same sames
  • Complete surveys forms and special modules adapted for any customer
  • Program languages: Russian, English

DV-ANALYSIS allows to:

  • monitor competitors by vehicle type
  • monitor the procurement activity of each company
  • monitor the market development on the given territory
  • monitor the vehicle prices on regional level
  • modify your own price policy
  • position your own product on the market
  • get a complete information base of customers in the given region
  • analyze the competitive environment
  • prepare analytic presentation materials for analytics and sales departments
  • to form standard surveys in Excel format

The example of DV-ANALYSIS is given in the attachment.

Consultation by phone: +7 (831) 439-21-82 or napi@abiz.ru