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The advanced cabin assembly site of the cabin assembly shop of the KAMAZ Automobile Plant has been renamed the K5 cabin assembly shop. In the next two years, it will become a new highly efficient production facility.

The first stage of the new assembly line, designed to produce 35 thousand cabins per year, is planned to be ready for launch at the end of 2024. It will be located in parallel with the existing production on the territory where the logistics center's warehouses were until recently. Now this site is being cleared of equipment, partitions, and walls. During the corporate leave in July, the filling of floors and the formation of a pit for an automatic assembly line will start.

After the launch of this line, the existing assembly line branch will be upgraded, and then they will be combined into a single line. Its capacity is designed for the assembly of 60 thousand cabins. Unloading of the K5 cabin frames will become automated – they will immediately be sent to the storage unit, and then, according to the laying plan, they will be delivered to the assembly line using a special system at intervals of four minutes. For a more convenient assembly, the number of posts will increase, new manipulators and smart wrenches will appear. The robotic glass gluing system minimizes the influence of the human factor and will ensure 100% water resistance of the cabin. The sprinkler chamber is subject to modernization, where the cabin is checked for tightness. The assembly line itself will become automated, the cabins will roll off it every four minutes and go to the storage unit. The entire assembly process will be controlled by the MES management system. All the necessary equipment has already been ordered.

NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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