LCV aged 3 years and under account for 20% of the corporate vehicle population

Russian Automotive Market Research

According to Russian Automotive Market Research, as of January 1, 2020 the corporate LCV population in Russia numbers 1.09 million units.

Vehicles older than 20 years account for 12% of the corporate vehicle population. Primorsky region is the leader among regions with the oldest LCV population – 36.8% of the region's corporate vehicle population. There is a large number of «old» LCV in the Kamchatka and Orel regions – 36.5% and 34.5%, respectively.

LCV aged 3 years and under account for 20% of the corporate vehicle population. The rating of regions with the youngest corporate LCV population is headed by Moscow -29.5%.  In addition to the capital, the share of «fresh» light commercial vehicles exceeds 25% in corporate vehicle population in Saint Petersburg and the Moscow region.

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