Vehicle purchase decision makers in companies


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2021, 2020

The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) forms reports on contacts of corporate parks’ members making decisions on the vehicle purchase, maintenance, etc.

The marketing agency also provides reports on contacts of persons taking decisions in insurance, leasing companies, etc.


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Car market
The cost of Haval cars decreased in Russia

In October, Haval decided to lower prices for its entire model line-up in Russia. This follows from the price lists posted on the official website of the Chinese brand. So, the most popular car of the brand Haval Jolion now costs 1,899,000 rubles. A month ago, the cost of this crossover on the official website was 2,029,000 rubles. The company also changed the prices for Dargo crossover. I October 2022, this model will cost at least...

Car market
The new Exeed crossover may enter the Russian market

The Chinese Exeed brand (part of the Chery concern) has presented a new crossover called Yaoguang. The car is a production version of the AtlantiX concept. The novelty is equipped with 2.0-liter 261-HP turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 400 Nm of torque. The unit is coupled with 8-speed automatic gear box and an all-wheel drive. It is assumed that the crossover will be presented in Russia, but the date of the premiere has been still...

Commercial vehicle market
KAMAZ vehicles were presented at the exhibition in Tver, dedicated to the Machine Builder’s Day.

The authorized dealer of the company, LLC "RUMOS-Komtrans", presented a timber short log truck based on the KAMAZ-43118 with HMU, KAMAZ-54901 tractor unit and a semi-trailer manufactured by PJSC "TZA", KAMAZ subsidiary in Bashkiria. KAMAZ-54901 tractor unit sets new standards of efficiency, comfort and reliability. The new K5 generation vehicle is equipped with KAMAZ-910.15-450 engine capacity of 450 HP and a torque of 2,300 Nm. The use of...

Almost half of the SUV market was occupied by Chinese vehicles

According to the data of NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency), the share of Chinese vehicles in the structure of sales of new vehicles of the SUV segment has sharply increased.

If in January 2022 the share of Chinese vehicles was 17%, in August it grew to 48%.

The share of Japanese vehicles, which were leaders in this segment in January – March, decreased from 25-26% to 13.5% in August.

Truck production in August increased on the last year

According to the data of NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency), 4.3 thousand trucks were manufactured in August 2022, whereas in August 2021, 3.9 thousand trucks rolled off the assembly lines. The production of other vehicle types in August decreased on the last year, but compared to July 2022, the production of light commercial vehicles grew by 15.3%, buses — by 12.4%, cars – by 35.7%. In August, the truck production increased by 9.6% on July. Over 8 months of 2022, a total of 38.9 thousand trucks (-15.2% on the similar period of the last year), 326.8 thousand cars (-63.7%), 55.7 thousand light commercial vehicles (-34.3%) and 7.5 thousand buses (-10.1%) were manufactured .


Modern market economy puts strict conditions for each company. In severe competitive conditions those companies are winning, which are able to see through products and services market conjuncture, forecast development tendencies, provide risks and offer optimal variants. Demand evaluation and release of efficient mechanisms of its satisfaction are mentioned as main assignments of companies` marketing services. Russian automotive market is one of the most profitable and at the same time complicated competitive environments. Automotive market participants` demands is rapidly changing, for this reason market analysis is fundamentally important for dealers and manufacturers to react immediately on any changes or events. To create an efficient development strategy, manufacturers and dealers have to release automotive market forecast based on complex automotive market statistic research based on following parameters: vehicle type; brand; model; modification level.


In our materials are following parameters estimated: regional economic development; local dealer centers development; company model range correspondence to local climate conditions; vehicle prices by region; vehicle ownership expenses by region; competitive environment and other data.
Our information helps in planning strategic priorities of companies, executive centers, seasonal product offers.
Our company provides possibility to order a market analysis of any vehicle category.
The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) / Russian Automotive Market Research has carried out unique analytic methods.