Vehicle purchase decision makers in companies


Archive data:
2021, 2020

The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) forms reports on contacts of corporate parks’ members making decisions on the vehicle purchase, maintenance, etc.

The marketing agency also provides reports on contacts of persons taking decisions in insurance, leasing companies, etc.


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Car market
Announcement of ruble prices for the new Chery Tiggo 4 Pro in the top version

Chery has launched sales of Tiggo 4 Pro crossover in Russia in the new top version Ultimate. According to the automaker's press service, the novelty price is at least 2,159,900 rubles, taking into account all benefits and discounts. The model is complemented by LED optics, a panoramic sunroof, rear parking sensors, folding side mirrors with turn repeaters, bumpers with yellow accent details and 18-inch wheel disks. The power unit is...

Commercial vehicle market
GC "STT" and VTB Leasing launch a joint service

LLC "Corporate Fleet Management", part of VTB Leasing, together with GC "Modern Transport Technologies", a distributor of GAZ vehicles, are launching a subscription to Sobol NN vehicles on preferential terms. The Sobol NN van subscription program is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. The cost of the service available in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg...

Commercial vehicle market
AvtoVAZ will present an updated pickup based on Lada Niva Legend

AvtoVAZ has updated the pickup based on Lada Niva Legend, manufactured by PSA VIS-Auto subsidiary. VIS-2346 model received a number of design improvements, which made it possible to increase the load capacity of the basic version to 800 kg. The technical characteristics of the updated version remained unchanged – it is 1.7-liter petrol engine capacity of 83 HP, coupled with 5-speed manual gear box. More than 30 vehicle versions are...

Agricultural vehicle prices increased in Q IV

The Marketing Agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) analyzed average prices for new and used agricultural vehicles from Q IV 2020 to Q IV 2022.
According to the NAPI, in Q IV 2022, new agricultural vehicles* appreciated by 3.3% on average on Q III 2022, while average prices for used agricultural vehicles* grew by 2.5% over the quarter.

tractors, mini tractors, harvesters

In October the amount of cars produced exceeded that in November

According to the NAPI data, 419.1 thousand cars (-65.6% on the same period of 2021), 54.5 thousand trucks (-17.7%), 75.1 thousand LCV (- 38.3%) and 10.8 thousand buses (- 17.3%) were produced over 11 months of the current year.

In the period from June to October, the car production grew month-by-month, but in November, 26.8 thousand cars were produced against 36.4 thousand units produced in October …


Modern market economy puts strict conditions for each company. In severe competitive conditions those companies are winning, which are able to see through products and services market conjuncture, forecast development tendencies, provide risks and offer optimal variants. Demand evaluation and release of efficient mechanisms of its satisfaction are mentioned as main assignments of companies` marketing services. Russian automotive market is one of the most profitable and at the same time complicated competitive environments. Automotive market participants` demands is rapidly changing, for this reason market analysis is fundamentally important for dealers and manufacturers to react immediately on any changes or events. To create an efficient development strategy, manufacturers and dealers have to release automotive market forecast based on complex automotive market statistic research based on following parameters: vehicle type; brand; model; modification level.


In our materials are following parameters estimated: regional economic development; local dealer centers development; company model range correspondence to local climate conditions; vehicle prices by region; vehicle ownership expenses by region; competitive environment and other data.
Our information helps in planning strategic priorities of companies, executive centers, seasonal product offers.
Our company provides possibility to order a market analysis of any vehicle category.
The marketing agency NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency) / Russian Automotive Market Research has carried out unique analytic methods.