03.02.2023 / Production of all vehicle types has fallen

According to the NAPI data, 608.9 thousand cars, commercial vehicles, and buses were manufactured over 12 months of the last year. Compared to 2021, when 1.6 million vehicles were manufactured, the production fell by 61.2%. The car production decreased the most – by 66.5%. Last year, 450,9 thousand cars were manufactured against 1.3 million in the previous year. Truck production was the most stable in 2022, having decreased by 17.7%. Last year, 61.1 thousand trucks were manufactured against 74.2 thousand in 2021. Almost 12 thousand buses were manufactured in 2022, which is a 21% decline on the previous year, when 15.2 thousand were manufactured. LCV production fell by 36.2%, from 132.6 thousand units in 2021 to 84.7 thousand last year.

Source: NAPI (National Industrial Information Agency)

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